Difference Between a Party Bus And a Limo Bus

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A limo bus and the party bus both the same. So, if you were asked about these two buses separately then, do not get confused. Both the buses are same and it is derived from the conventional buses. The components of party bus are

  • Music system

Music is the life of any party, without it any party will become boring. The limo buses used to have a best of arrangement of the music.

  • Lighting

Music when accompanied with good lighting effect, then it creates the perfect ambiance of the party. The party bus also has the arrangement of lighting. And it is not same for all the occasions, but remains different and kept according to the party type. For e.g. a birthday party limo bus will have a different lighting arrangement, then the bachelor party.

  • Seating

In-order to have complete fun, one has to be comfortable at the place. Means, there should be enough sitting and standing space for the people who are the part of the party. Timothy Carter from partybusboston.net said party buses have set seating capacities, and it never accommodates extra persons due to insurance. For e.g. of booking is done for 10 persons, the limo bus with the capacity of 10 persons will be given to the party organizer and the service provider will not allow the 11th person to come inside. Enough resting and sitting space is provided inside the bus for the people to do a party.

Different types of party buses

As said above, the only difference between a party bus and a conventional bus is the component of both the bus. Otherwise, all the buses are of the same type. Now, when it comes to differentiating the limo buses, then there are two types of present in this category.

Front engine cab chassis design

In the normal terms, these are those buses that have the driver compartment separately allocated in the front of the bus. And everything related to the running of the bus remains here only. The driver has not connection from the back; there is only one entry present to the chamber of the driver that goes through a door.

Rear engine diesel pusher

In this vehicle, the driver seat remains connected with the chassis and everything related to the working of the vehicle is placed at the rear end of the vehicle.

This is the difference based on the position of chassis and driver on the bus. Both rear engine diesel pusher and front engine cab chassis design are again categorized into different types based on a number of persons that can sit in the bus. A normal bus accommodated 10 persons, and people who want to do a party with bigger group can ask or bus that has the capacity of 20 persons.

Moreover, on the request of customers, the service providers can offer buses of larger capacity as well. However, it entirely depends on the service provider and the bus size.